What is the proper way to saturate a wine with air?

  Air saturation methodology proposal for the analysis of wine

Food Research International

Available online 17 June 2021, 110535
•Atmospheric pressure is a key factor when wine air saturation is performed
•Oxygen consumption kinetics were analyzed in 72 wines
•Dissolved oxygen level of saturated wine differs according to their characteristics
•The best fitting model of the oxygen consumption kinetics was the inverse curve
•The wine oxygen consumption kinetics evidenced wine type

The great heterogeneity currently present when characterizing wine consumption kinetics means that a saturation method, as well as different parameters that allow comparison between wines, need to be established. The aim of this work was to establish a robust method for a wine saturation protocol and compare different fitting models to approximate the oxygen consumption kinetics. To differentiate wines, parameters extracted from the oxygen consumption curves were studied and proposed. 72 young commercial wines (red, white and rosé) from different Spanish appellations of origin, varieties and vintages were used. The results revealed that 5 minutes was enough to saturate wines up to the maximum level for each one at 35 °C. The inverse curve fitting model showed the best results for all wines. Oxygen at half consumption time  and time required to consume from 90% to 10% of the oxygen initially available were the parameters that differentiated wines the most.

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