Conference: Aging spirits in wood, a source of value

UVaMOX will present at this conference a lecture entitled “Le fût de chêne, plus qu’un récipient” (The oak barrel, more than just a container) on March 14, which can be followed online (link will be available soon) at the Université de Poitiers.

A crucial stage in the production of many spirits around the world, ageing in wood is the subject of much debate concerning its scope, methods and, sometimes, its very value. Admittedly, not all spirits are traditionally aged in wood, like vodka, gin or baijiu. Nevertheless, a profound reorganization of classifications is underway. A diversification of production processes is first affecting the spirits mentioned above, for organoleptic as well as economic and commercial reasons. At the same time, the spectrum of wood-aged spirits such as Cognac, whisky and rum is also changing. From the selection of the wood species used to make the barrels to the refining process at the end of the ageing process, the boldness and inventiveness deployed to marry alcohol and wood compete with the art of constructing a narrative extolling the properties of innovative production techniques.

It is therefore with a critical re-examination of the role of wood ageing in the production of spirits that the colloquium aims to begin. Determining its real importance, identifying the dynamics that characterize or run through this age-old art, but also its constants, and outlining an assessment of technical experimentation are essential prerequisites to any more in-depth study of its strengths and weaknesses. How can we make our production and marketing processes more efficient – and by what standards? What changes does this ambition imply? Ultimately, we’ll be talking about the value that ageing in wood confers on spirits.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Format académique
Segonzac distillery hall

From 4:30 pm
Immersion in the ageing cellars of Cognac Houses

Programme du colloque 

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