What is O2inWines ?

Committed to the research and development of solutions for oxygen management challenges in the wine industry

It has been long accepted that oxygen plays a crucial role in enology. Pasteur already mentioned that oxygen can make or break the wine. Oxygen management in wine thus represents a key solution to allow for the best wine quality in relation to different markets and types of consumers.
O2inWines™ is an international nonprofit association created by industrial and academic leaders in the wine industry. It is composed of suppliers and service providers to the wine industry, all leading innovators in their fields and heavily involved in researching oxygen management. World-renowned researchers underscore the quality of the research programs facilitated by the association.
The objective of the association is the promotion of scientifically based solutions for oxygen management challenges in the wine industry.
If you want to have some information about O2INWINES, we invite you to download this document.

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